COVID-19 Response

Florida COVID-19 Response

We would like to give a special shout out to to all of our staff during these trying times. As we work tirelessly to try and help this country return to to some normal we are far from done. You may be asking what can you do to help from here. Well we have a couple options.

While we do not require our employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we are proud to support your decision if you choose to do so. Don't know where to get your vaccine based on your current location? Below is a link provided by the CDC that can assist you with finding the nearest vaccine clinic, as well as, information on costs, transportation and childcare for those wishing to be vaccinated. This is not healthcare worker specific so please feel free to spread the word.

Other opportunities for our fabulous employees to assist in the COVID-19 response include working at one of our partnered locations. If your preference is Inpatient, Skilled, Home health, Hospice or even one of our vaccine site's then we have positions for you. There is no where COVID has not touched and we need healthcare workers, now more than ever. If any of these interest you, or maybe you even want to try something new, reach out to us today and let us assist you.